30/2019 Zine(2019)

I created the 30/2019 zine to commemorate my 30th birthday and includes 31 exclusive erotic self-portrait collages using photos taken throughout that year.

When I was starting 30/2019 in March, I knew that this year was going to be filled with change. Turns out I was right. While the backdrop of this year has been almost too tumultuous at times (working over 60 hour weeks at my long-time job, ultimately quitting said job, selling first home, moving across country to Chicago), I would not trade it for anything. I learned so much about myself. I learned when to take action and when to be patient. I collaborated with so many wonderful artists saw me as a peer. I saw my artwork change as I changed and gained confidence, and I began to see my body in a new and exciting sexual light. 2019 is the year I became comfortable with my sex.

Jude Ribisi, 11/16/2019

The full 30/2019 zine is available for $30 USD

Reach out via Contact if you’re interested in a printed copy!